B1D! -Masking Up Not So Easy For The Homeless

How Does Our B1D! Program Work?

You Can Help Just By Doing Your Normal Shopping

Because we donate a product for every product purchased, working with community groups and nonprofits, we have tried to help and to date have handed out thousands of masks to the homeless and shelters.                            For every face mask purchased, we are committed to donating a face mask. 

At the end of every month, we tally up our total products sold. Based on that number, we decide on how many shelters we can donate to for that month. 

We send out donations weekly, usually on Fridays and we post the names of the rescues getting donations on our  Facebook Page so please follow us there to get the latest news!

Beginning in 2020 we have updated the way that we send donations out. We donate based on the name of the shelter and the month of the year. With this schedule each rescue will get 3 donation boxes from us a year.

Month - Shelters that start with letter
June 2020 - H-K
July 2020 - L-N
August 2020 - O-Q
September 2020 - R-S
October 2020 - T-Z
November 2020 - Holiday Donations to All Shelters
December 2020 - Holiday Donations to All Shelters

 How Does A Shelter Get Onto Our List?

Our list of shelters has grown through recommendations by our customers. If you know of a shelter that is need of donations, you can submit their information to info@facemasksociety.com

Please help us spread the word to make this program a success. There are still thousands of shelters that have not heard of us. Please let them know and invite them to get onto our shelter list so we can flatten the curve